Do Fillers Change the Look of Your Face?

Fillers can be used to change your face look by filling in diminishing facial volume due to aging and facial expressions. Learn more about injection techniques from West Palm Beach dermatologist Kenneth R Beer MD.

Do Fillers Change the Look of Your Face?

Fillers can be used to change the look of your face by filling in diminishing facial volume due to aging and facial expressions. During a filling procedure, a medical professional or licensed physician will evaluate your face to develop strategies for applying fillers. We spoke to West Palm Beach dermatologist Kenneth R. Beer, MD, who has conducted numerous clinical trials with the various injectable products available on the market and serves as a mentor and trainer for other expert injectors, to get the latest information on injection techniques.

As we age, our faces tend to take on a triangular shape, with everything falling and accumulating in the lower third of the face. Young faces, however, are more heart-shaped, with a wider top and narrower bottom. By using thick fillers to make the middle and upper part of the face look younger, we can turn a triangle into a heart shape and give the illusion of youth. Have you ever wondered how celebrities seem to have such strong jaws? Well, it's all thanks to fillers along the jawline!Another feature that makes beautiful people stand out is their always plump cheekbones that give a youthful touch to the face.

Strategically placed fillers in this area can change the shape of your face without seeming exaggerated. Fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra, and Fat Injections are great for these areas. Here we use facial fillers to enhance the cheeks, add volume to the lips, sculpt the jaw line to give more feminine or masculine features. However, placing the filler in the wrong position can inadvertently masculinize a female face. For example, men have a square jaw line, while women have a softer curved jaw line.

If facial fillers are used to create sharp edges on a female face, you can make them look more masculine. Conversely, giving too much projection to a male cheek can make it look too feminine. While fillers aim to replace the volume loss associated with aging, the goal is to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. In a way, adding volume can correct bone characteristics and make you look “fatter”, but this is the desired effect in this case. The type of injectable doctors use really depends on what a person hopes to achieve. Cheeks are an area that tends to experience volume loss with age, especially for runners and those who participate in high-impact exercises.

Expertly injected fillers can restore volume and youthful appearance of the cheeks without the “face freezing” effects that can be associated with Botox. This creates a 26% younger looking and energized face without traditional facelift surgery which is invasive and requires a significant recovery period. Non-surgical rhinoplasty is another procedure where cosmetic surgeons inject facial fillers into strategic areas of the nose to visually reshape it. With just a few strategically placed injections, dermal fillers have an almost magical ability to improve your appearance by restoring lost facial volume, smoothing wrinkles and plumping lips. Depending on the type of appearance you want, doctors can inject fillers into different facial areas and make you look rejuvenated by replacing volume loss. Cosmetic injectables such as facial fillers and anti-wrinkle injections make the most noticeable change when it comes to beautifying your face.

Cosmetic surgeons also use fillers to improve the appearance of facial features when clients prefer less invasive alternatives to traditional cosmetic surgery procedures. The right combination of fillers is key because different dermal fillers work in different ways and on different parts of the face. Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected below the surface of the skin and are designed to smooth wrinkles and restore lost facial volume and skin tone that naturally decreases with age. In addition to filling in stubborn facial wrinkles, cosmetic fillers can also be used to eradicate many signs of aging that are less evident to the eye than facial wrinkles.

Fillers placed under the skin of the cheeks can give life to the skin of the entire lower part of the face for years.

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